SS17 – ‘Semi – Construct’

SS17 Collection – ‘Semi – Construct’

Done? Undone? Incomplete? De-constructing classic construction and techniques

and finding beauty in the fragments and parts that make the whole.

By challenging the formalities of headwear and looking beyond the convention,

 Laura has evolved her brand, through the process of deconstruction

we arrive at this collection, celebrating design, balance and proportion.

SS1701 - Contour

SS1702 - Tessulla

SS1703 - Scale

SS1704 - Architect

SS1705 - Surge

SS1706 - Ratio

SS1707 - Bay

SS1708 - Foundation

SS1709 - Echo

SS1713 - Blueprint

SS1714 - Silhouette

SS1715 - Cambe

SS1716 - Uniform

SS1717 - Swell

SS1718 - Deco

SS1719 - Source

SS1720 - Detach

SS1712 - Disposition